Pain, Progress and over halfway.

Oh boy trying to post from my phone. This could be interesting. I do not think in my mind that blisters would be an issue. My body hurts there is no denying it. When I get out of bed my heels are on fire, I move past that. I stand and think, wow I am upright. This is followed by my fisrt step. Which side will collapse first?. The left foot with the bad blisters or the right leg with the hip IT band that is screaming at me. I love and realize that yes all is hurting but I am moving. If I can move, I can do this. We are good to go for another day! We checked in today on our fundraising. I asked Cody, "When we started did you think we would get close to reaching our goals?". I got a "No way mom, I thought we might get 10000". We are now close to $19000.00 Amazing. Thanks for the support!!!! Finally we are over halfway as we start day 3. Had an amazing sleep and so ready to get going (I think the knowledge of two nights rest has me motivated!).


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