What is in the word Inspiration?

When we decided to do this journey, I think both Cody and I thought "We will do a walk, we will hope to raise some money and we will try our best to make a small change in the world."   As I have said before, this walk initially was just a thought of putting on a backpack and hitting the road.  Setting up a go fund me page and hope that maybe we could obtain our lofty goal.  As time ticked on, this became so much bigger then I could have ever expected (and for that matter bigger then Cody could have ever dreamt too).   We ended up blessed with places to stay, sponsorship to cover our costs, people bringing us stuff along our route.  I think what has been the hardest thing to comprehend is that we were inspirational.  Many might currently be thinking "Well of course you were, you did something I could never do and look at all the funds you raised"  Truly inspirational indeed right?  Well these words had to sit with me for sometime before they kicked in.   Growing up

Where have we been? (And 1 Goal met!)

 During our walk I ran into technical difficulties trying to get into blogger so I had to postpone submitting a write up.  Please do check in as I plan on posting about a lot of the wonderful (and maybe not so wonderful) occurrences along the way.  This was a journey after all and though most of the writings I have here are from me I made sure to get Cody to add to a journal we were gifted so that others could follow along and hear from him as well!  So for today I will post about the most amazing news I possibly can.  You see I had hoped that donations would continue to come in after the fact and they sure did today! Today we received a $1291.00 donation to the BC Sustainable Energy Association.  Wow!!!  What this meant to the fundraising:  It tipped us over the goal!!! Yes we reached out $10000.00 goal.  It was the boost we needed.  I then learned that this amount (the $10000.00) will be used to bring the Cool-it program over to the Sunshine Coast!!!  A WIN WIN WIN! Don't get me

Pain, Progress and over halfway.

Oh boy trying to post from my phone. This could be interesting. I do not think in my mind that blisters would be an issue. My body hurts there is no denying it. When I get out of bed my heels are on fire, I move past that. I stand and think, wow I am upright. This is followed by my fisrt step. Which side will collapse first?. The left foot with the bad blisters or the right leg with the hip IT band that is screaming at me. I love and realize that yes all is hurting but I am moving. If I can move, I can do this. We are good to go for another day! We checked in today on our fundraising. I asked Cody, "When we started did you think we would get close to reaching our goals?". I got a "No way mom, I thought we might get 10000". We are now close to $19000.00 Amazing. Thanks for the support!!!! Finally we are over halfway as we start day 3. Had an amazing sleep and so ready to get going (I think the knowledge of two nights rest has me motivated!).

It's Tomorrow and Davis Bay Elementary School!

  I can hardly believe that tomorrow is the DAY!  Cody is getting rather nervous which in turn is making me a bit nervous.  EEEk.  However I know we will do great.  I hope to do one more post tonight about our amazing coverage!  So stay tuned on that.  For this one however I wanted to say how thrilled I have been with the amazingness of our community.  Cody decided he wanted to involve his school.  We made tags for glass jars and distributed them to all the classrooms (9 in total).  We asked the kids to bring in their spare change for "Cash for the climb".  Cody also wanted to make it special by using his allowance to buy a gift card for one lucky student to London Drugs as a thank you for helping out!  This kid amazes me every day. Well, let me tell you, we far exceeded what we expected.  The graph above shows us at $435, however, one class room got their jar in after the count so with that one added in, Davis Bay Elementary School raised a whopping $500, over doubling what

Milestones and radio interviews!

  Today we hit $10000.00 of our $30000.00 goal.  Wow!  Cody and I are feeling great.  It is hard to believe that this dream of ours is coming true.  I guess it is even harder for me to believe that there are so many amazing people out there willing to help us, get things moving along and donate their hard earned money to this cause.  I explained early on to Cody that we might not reach our goal but any funds raised were more than both causes started with.  Today we got the amazing news that a Car Charging Station was donated to the SPCA in Sechelt.  Fantastic!  How does one even realize that these things can happen?  It is a community that hears about what one (or in this case 2) person is doing and they build upon that and determine that other options can make a project even better.   A couple months ago Cody was in the car listen to 100.3 the Q when he recognized the song "Love in an Elevator" on the Polka-monster (Ed plays the accordion quickly to disguise the song and you

What it takes to be able to do this walk.

  I knew going into this walk that one of the toughest things for me would be the battle to fight with my body and make it through the pain, the swelling, the inability to get up the next morning and move.  When I was 15 I blew out my ACL and Lateral Collateral ligaments in my right.  I was lucky enough to get in the next day and have surgery.  I subsequently had surgery on the same knee to remove a tear in the cartilage that was catching.  I was told by my original surgeon to expect that I would "blow out the other knee".  I have lived with this fear for the last 30 years approx.  1.5 years ago I was on the first day of a week long camp on Salt Spring Island with girl guides, I had a freak fall from the cube van that we were using.  I was taken away in an ambulance and misdiagnosed.  Turned out I had blown my ACL in my left knee.  The story here is that I stayed at the camp site for the week on crutches with very little meds, my knee swollen and pushed through. One might thi

Sponsorship! And Help.

  Through this journey I have learned that it really does take a village.  Cody and I have been so lucky to get so much help from our community.  It amazes me everyday at how much people are willing to help.  I have had donations of money to cover costs of our walk (Olson Electric Ltd., Sechelt Truck and Equipment Ltd., Off the Edge Bike Shop, Two Way Supply), donations of nights at places to stay along the way (Beyond Bliss and Pender Harbour Resort and Marina), donations of runners to make the walk comfier (Pacesetter in Gibsons BC), donations of ad space in a magazine (Home on the Coast/Ecofab Modular Homes), donation of a website (TPM) and donations of a gift certificate cover our cost of food (Claytons).   These donations don't cover the time and energy that have been put into this as well!  The Sunshine Coast Community Solar Association has been key in donating their time in so many ways to making this walk happen.  They have taken part in meetings to figure out how best to p