What it takes to be able to do this walk.


I knew going into this walk that one of the toughest things for me would be the battle to fight with my body and make it through the pain, the swelling, the inability to get up the next morning and move.  When I was 15 I blew out my ACL and Lateral Collateral ligaments in my right.  I was lucky enough to get in the next day and have surgery.  I subsequently had surgery on the same knee to remove a tear in the cartilage that was catching.  I was told by my original surgeon to expect that I would "blow out the other knee".  I have lived with this fear for the last 30 years approx.  1.5 years ago I was on the first day of a week long camp on Salt Spring Island with girl guides, I had a freak fall from the cube van that we were using.  I was taken away in an ambulance and misdiagnosed.  Turned out I had blown my ACL in my left knee.  The story here is that I stayed at the camp site for the week on crutches with very little meds, my knee swollen and pushed through.

One might think that this is the worst of it.  Well, it is not.  I have a left ankle with no cartilage.  I have been told it is the ankle of a 65 year old (I know many people at that age who are just fine, but I guess this is when things start going south with our bodies????  Not sure I believe that).  Anyways, this is the part of my body I fear the most.  It swells up to a baseball on a really bad day, shoots pain that takes my breath away and all out is just not fun.

So, you now ask why, how, what are you nuts?  Well maybe I am.  After our first walk out I did not walk for about 2 days afterwards.  I knew I would need help.  The video above shows just 44 seconds of an hour long session I do twice a week.  I thank Nomad Holistic Studio (Sean) for his amazing help in getting me STRONG!  My legs are crazy muscular now!  It is not all just fun and games.  I have a routine I do morning and night to strengthen my ankle and stretch my nerves in my arms (oh did I forget to mention I have nerve entrapment in my right arm that keeps me up at night).   I see physio once a week, Chiropractors once a week, and massage once or if I am lucky twice a month.  I thank Coastline Health and Performance and Backstream Physio.  Without everyone's' help I would not be where I am today.  Recovered by the next morning, feeling strong and ready to get this walk over, Opps I mean ready to take on this walk!  Why?  Easy, the rewards, the journey with Cody and the help we are giving to others far outweigh any pain I will be in.  SO BRING ON this Walk!


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