Where have we been? (And 1 Goal met!)

 During our walk I ran into technical difficulties trying to get into blogger so I had to postpone submitting a write up.  Please do check in as I plan on posting about a lot of the wonderful (and maybe not so wonderful) occurrences along the way.  This was a journey after all and though most of the writings I have here are from me I made sure to get Cody to add to a journal we were gifted so that others could follow along and hear from him as well!  So for today I will post about the most amazing news I possibly can.  You see I had hoped that donations would continue to come in after the fact and they sure did today!

Today we received a $1291.00 donation to the BC Sustainable Energy Association.  Wow!!!  What this meant to the fundraising:  It tipped us over the goal!!! Yes we reached out $10000.00 goal.  It was the boost we needed.  I then learned that this amount (the $10000.00) will be used to bring the Cool-it program over to the Sunshine Coast!!!  A WIN WIN WIN! Don't get me wrong, Cody and I would be happy for the money to be used in any way needed by the BC Sustainable Energy Association.  We did not set any boundaries on how this money was spent but to learn they plan on using it to bring it to our community meant the world to us both.  I am constantly amazed by how this project keeps turning out in our lives.  


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