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Sponsorship! And Help.

  Through this journey I have learned that it really does take a village.  Cody and I have been so lucky to get so much help from our community.  It amazes me everyday at how much people are willing to help.  I have had donations of money to cover costs of our walk (Olson Electric Ltd., Sechelt Truck and Equipment Ltd., Off the Edge Bike Shop, Two Way Supply), donations of nights at places to stay along the way (Beyond Bliss and Pender Harbour Resort and Marina), donations of runners to make the walk comfier (Pacesetter in Gibsons BC), donations of ad space in a magazine (Home on the Coast/Ecofab Modular Homes), donation of a website (TPM) and donations of a gift certificate cover our cost of food (Claytons).   These donations don't cover the time and energy that have been put into this as well!  The Sunshine Coast Community Solar Association has been key in donating their time in so many ways to making this walk happen.  They have taken part in meetings to figure out how best to p

Snowmageddon and Technology

 Today we got out for our weekly walk.  One might say "It's a long weekend, the snow will go away, why walk today?"  Well let me say this, it was such a beautiful morning for a walk in the snow.  It took us much longer to walk a smaller distance but it was so wonderful and peaceful.    We travelled through Davis Bay today and the trails behind in Chapman Creek Area.   Exciting news is the creation of our website:  Along with this came the knowledge that we needed an Instagram account and a TikTok account.  I made Cody double over as I called it "The TikTok".  Oh he makes me laugh.  So check us out at climbforcc on both of these mediums. I am of course new to all this technology.  It is crazy to think that all of this can help us reach our goals.  I am a firm believer that putting it out there will get us going and that is the case.  I mean, I never expected a website and thanks to Total Product Marketing, I now have a webpage.  People are

The Race is on!

 It is hard to believe that about 72 hours ago we finally launched our donation sites!  It is also a strange feeling.  You see in my head the pages would go up and magically we would get $10000.00 in donations over night!  Yes that was how my brain thought.  I mean SHARE, SHARE, SHARE!  People left right and center would donate right?  $10 hear, $20 there, who knows maybe that magical person would even give $1000!  The night we posted, not a single donation came in.   Disappointed for sure.  One has to sit back however and think, it will all come together.  Today as of 8:15pm we have $850 in donations.  I remind myself, that this is $850 more than were we started and $850 more then either place had (okay $500 and $350 more).  It is a start and guess what it is a triumphant start! Cody and I felt awesome today as well.  We made it out in the snow to the SPCA in Sechelt.  We met Buddha and Grayson. Two of the current animals at the SPCA.  It was wonderful to meet them.  Feeling motivated

Our Fundraising Beneficiaries (5 weeks, $30000.00 - Nothing to it right?)

                                                                         BCSPCA  WE DID IT!  It took sometime but we finally have the okay to move forward!  I am so happy.  We are going to be raising the funds for the BCSEA ($10000.00) and the BCSPCA - Sunshine Coast Branch ($20000.00) for solar panels. You might ask why we choose who we did.  Cody loves animals and has done many camps over with the SPCA.  We wanted to choose a non-profit in order to help decrease their costs, make them greener and help benefit locally.  So this was a pretty easy one to pick (and did you know they are located on Solar Road?, Go figure!). We also wanted to think bigger and benefit an organization within BC.  This is where the BCSEA came in.  We learned about an awesome program they provide called Cool-it.  As I am sure not many people know about the organization, here is some of what they do: 1.                   We have four local chapters in Victoria, Vancouver, Okanagan, and Kamloops that interact di

Work in progress (Or a Part-time Job?)

When Cody and I first thought of doing this, we thought to ourselves "Just start a go fund me page, put in the goal and we are good to go."  Needless to say this has literally become a part-time job for me.  We are constantly working on things, from the next practice walk to who can we reach out to for sponsorship. The biggest hurdle however has been, who wants the money for Solar Panels.  Wow you must be thinking to such a statement and yet I still shake my head.  You see I would think handing over $20000.00 towards solar panels would be a no brainer.  Apparently, it takes time and effort to get an answer of acceptance.  We don't have many stipulations here.  Cody and I wanted it to go to a non-profit organization so that they can reap the benefits of lower hydro bills and that the funds must be used specifically for this use.  I guess even in the business of helping, you still have to answer to higher ups.  So tonight (in T-Minus 15 mins), we have a meeting with the Sun