Snowmageddon and Technology

 Today we got out for our weekly walk.  One might say "It's a long weekend, the snow will go away, why walk today?"  Well let me say this, it was such a beautiful morning for a walk in the snow.  It took us much longer to walk a smaller distance but it was so wonderful and peaceful.    We travelled through Davis Bay today and the trails behind in Chapman Creek Area.  

Exciting news is the creation of our website: 

Along with this came the knowledge that we needed an Instagram account and a TikTok account.  I made Cody double over as I called it "The TikTok".  Oh he makes me laugh.  So check us out at climbforcc on both of these mediums.

I am of course new to all this technology.  It is crazy to think that all of this can help us reach our goals.  I am a firm believer that putting it out there will get us going and that is the case.  I mean, I never expected a website and thanks to Total Product Marketing, I now have a webpage.  People are amazing and I am humbled daily by all the help we have received.


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