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The Walks

 In January Cody and I decided we needed to train for this walk.  What you can't just get out and do the walk mom?  Nope, we need to prep.  Cody has been involved from day one and he is great at picking out places to walk.  Each week we have been attempting to do about 10km.  Cody let's me know where he wants to walk and I try to pick a spot to traverse.  We have decided to stick to the roads.   Why?  We will be walking cement on our main walk so we want to be as prepared as possible.  To date we have done 4 walks (each weekend we get out, with our first walk being the test run and three since). We are preparing to listen to podcasts on our main walk.  So far this has been a great thing to have on hand but not needed.  The amazing gift that Cody has, is the gift of gab.  He is a smart, inquisitive kid who never stops seeing things and questioning them.   Attached is a photo from each of walks so far. 

The Start! (A walk from Gibson's to Powell River or 120 km approximately)

 I have to admit I challenged my son and his immediate answer was "No Mom, I can't do that".  I told him to think on it and that is how this all began. You see Cody is 10 years old and is amazing with helping our community out.  At 8 years old he decided to do a food drive in our small community of Tuwanek.  He than moved on to raising funds for the Sunshine Coast Wildlife Organization.  Followed up by raising funds through Earth Rangers for the Wolverines. He is a giver and so I thought to myself, what can we do together (he often feels left out as I am a Girl Guide leader and do bundles with my daughter)?  So I challenged him to raise a bunch of money ($30000.00 is our goal) but told him if we were to ask this much we needed to work for it and so this walk is how it all began.  We are just finalizing who the funds will go to, but it is for Climate Change. Of course, not knowing if he could do it (or should I say, I would survive), we did a test walk in November.  18 km