Milestones and radio interviews!


Today we hit $10000.00 of our $30000.00 goal.  Wow!  Cody and I are feeling great.  It is hard to believe that this dream of ours is coming true.  I guess it is even harder for me to believe that there are so many amazing people out there willing to help us, get things moving along and donate their hard earned money to this cause.  I explained early on to Cody that we might not reach our goal but any funds raised were more than both causes started with.  Today we got the amazing news that a Car Charging Station was donated to the SPCA in Sechelt.  Fantastic!  How does one even realize that these things can happen?  It is a community that hears about what one (or in this case 2) person is doing and they build upon that and determine that other options can make a project even better.  

A couple months ago Cody was in the car listen to 100.3 the Q when he recognized the song "Love in an Elevator" on the Polka-monster (Ed plays the accordion quickly to disguise the song and you have to try and guess it).  Cody was so excited as this was the first time he ever figured out a song.  I wrote a note to Ed and Cliff (morning talk show hosts) and explained how excited Cody was.  Well the kindness of people came through and they asked us to call in and and we did.  Next thing we knew, they were mailing out a Bobble-Ed (bobble-headed Ed figure) to Cody.  Again he was over the moon with the news he was getting this.  We sent a thank you to Ed and Cliff and they read that on the air to Cody's absolute delight.  

Full circle to the walk, Cody has hand written many letters to various places and the one we heard back from was Ed and Cliff and today we were on the air.  Cody was extremely nervous but did an amazing job!  He explained what were doing and what the walk was about.  I am so proud of this young man.  He now feels like a rock star.  Feel free to cut and paste the link and listen to our 6 minutes of fame!

We also got our swag!  


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